What can you dig out?

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Event diggings – organization psychology. Any event – wheather it is serious training seminar, teambuilding or entertainment – turns into event. That is why our slogan is: “Events like happenings!”

What can you dig out in Diggings?

                                                    Trainings, consultations                                          

– teambuilding;
– communication psychology(Animal Farm);
– self-governing role-plays with elements of psychodrama;
– support in projects of company joining;
– stress management (including practical stress management in bathhouse);
– consultations of organization psychologist;
– staff optimalization;
– output of inner communication plan;
– output of mission, vision and strategy of company;
– methods of  solving conflicts;                                 .
Events, adventures

– in different adventure traces in all Latvia for companies staff or clients, cooperation partners and friend companies;
– different night adventure traces;
– mountaineering in forest;
– city mountaineering;
– military adventures;
– survival games for several days and other extreme events;
– orientation rally with adventures and special checkpoints;

– orientation with bicycles;
– school of surviving in guidance of experienced  special force instructor;

– trips- full of adventures – in wide area, using limited recourses and different kind of transports;
– wayless expeditions with 4×4 jeeps;
– strategic adventure games in different areas;
– trips with boats in places where people are rare guests;
– classical sport games;
– new kind of teambuilding events – flying with air balloons


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