Our philosophy – more naturally is better. This is our attitude to environment, people and buisness also. More and more people are thinking about consequences of their action. About their relationship whith people, clients and colleagues, and also about how our action affects nature.
We don’t bother people with hard and complicated theories, and we let people to find something themselves. “Event diggings” works very close with nature. We take responsibility about that and in our actions we use products that are friendly for nature. With our amazing clients we don’t leave garbage, we also pick up garbage that other people have left.
About that nature repays us with good weather conditions.

“Event diggings” is a live organism whom is important what is it breathing, important for life to have a taste. It doesn’t matter how many times client comes to us; he will never get a warm soup. “Event diggings” creative team will find out clients wishes and will create necessary only for his needs.